Victim Of Suffering

by Harness

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Harness "Victim of Suffering" 7" set to be out May 2012

Harness is

Miles: Guitar
Wolf: Guitar
Evan: Bass
Nic: Vocals
Alex: Drums



released February 2, 2012

This album was recorded and produced by Taylor Young in January 2012 in Van Nuys, CA



all rights reserved


Harness Santa Barbara, California


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Track Name: Decline
Just as blades pierce skin, your resentment sets in
Through your eyes of hate, all that's seen does not exist
Devoured in your false rebellion; You’re bound to fall
Thought I was done suffocating in your grasp, but still I keep drifting back to where my reflection shows black
Right back down to my knees i fall
Eyes fixated on your soul
As you pump the fucking lead into my heart
Find the balance between apparition and me
You were lost, alone, stuck in a rut, nowhere to go
You held out your hand and felt the earth exhale
Here i am, living right behind your eyes
Here i am , your definite demise
Track Name: The Agonies Of Death
I sing songs of silence, nothing is heard
but a dying pulse, exasperation and a loss for words.
But as i wait, the agonies of death & the downfall impend.
The bitter peace, the cold silence of what could be.
As i feel the warm embrace of barren nightfall I dissolve grace.
And a hearts desire. victim of suffering. A conscience retired.
And the demons shrieks hold the weight of eternity.
Now i await the agonies of death until my downfall
The agonies of death await.
Come armageddon, Expel the earth of mankind.
Annihilation now. Death and downfall alined.
So much remorse in my head
Buried, not yet dead
But i’m dying. I’m just trying to be in existence
Without a conscience murdering me.
Track Name: Scorched Earth
stagnate and decay. disintegrate-in to remains.
anticipating a slow death, discontent is all that’s left.
watch this word burn as i await the collapse.
praying to darkness, i sit wait
on land as empty as promises i’ve made
destruction falling as pale bones are freed,
from muscle and blood
as the fire surrounds me i’m left with nothing
singe my flesh, to let the heat flow in
and thaw this frozen heart
blood of the heavens rain down to earth. await the collapse as existence burns
stagnate and decay. disintegrate-in to remains.
praying to darkness i sit and wait,
on land as empty as promises i’ve made
now i see through the eyes of a perilous curse
laid to rest on this scorched earth
Track Name: Fragmented Flesh
i'm drowning as demons control the earth
bare witness to the altered birth
as arrogance persists,
we embrace the the unrelenting curse
that we’ve instilled. void the ego. and whats left to kill. back and forth through a mind consumed.
longing for a life entombed.
dominion can't be achieved. STRANGLE YOURSELF. devour your destiny
of hatred, revulsion, disgust for yourself.
there’s no difference between the poisons
which loom in your hell.
life and death have passed like ghosts yet you remain
like the shackles on the bones of those that you enslave
look around and see who’s left to torment
shackle your own arrogance cease
strangle yourself you fucking coward